Last Year’s Top 71 Games: 2005-2006

Last year at the start of September I wrote an article called Last Year’s Top 70 Games in which I ranked the top 70 “new” games that I’d newly played that year, from best to worst. It was timed to followup the various awards for the year, and also to precede the new games out at Essen.

This year I’ve decided to continue that tradition by once more listing every newly released new game that I’ve played in the last year. For this definition I include any game released, for the first time, in a U.S. edition in 2005 or 2006 and which I played for the first time from 9/1/05 to 8/31/06. Unlike my reviews, in which I generally try and assess which games I think are best, philosophically, this list only includes my personal preference for and enjoyment of the games. I’m a casual-to-medium-weight gameplayer, so you’ll probably get the best use out of this list if you match that category.

Oddly, I once more seem to have about 70 games fitting this category of play.

I’ve linked to reviews for each game when I have them, so click on the linked names for more information.

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16 Short Faidutti Reviews

The November 2006 issue of Knucklebones magazine contains my first article for them, “Professor of Chaos”, a biography on Bruno Faidutti and his games. I encourage you to take a look, and in the meantime here’s a complementary article to whet your appetite: a short review of every one of Bruno Faidutti’s English language games other than Knightmare Chess. (I’m not a chess fan.) Continue reading