The Mystery Rummy Primer

After a six-year gap, Mike Fitzgerald’s fifth Mystery Rummy game, Bonnie and Clyde, has finally been published thanks to Rio Grande Games. To celebrate this release, I’m going to be discussing all five (and a half) Mystery Rummy games and offering up a quick-reference sheet covering the most important points about each.

An Overview of Mystery Rummy

For those who have never played the Mystery Rummy games, they’re pretty much what the title suggests. They take general aspects of Rummy — where you’re collecting sets of cards over the course of a game to empty your hand — and they adopt them to mystery themes. The first three Mystery Rummy games toured through Victorian mysteries, while it looks like the next trilogy would have been centered on American gangsters — if Mystery Rummy’s original publisher, U.S. Games, hadn’t decided to stop expanding the line after the fourth release (and has since let most of the games drop out of print).

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