A Deckbuilding Look at Quarriors

This summer has really proven the staying power of deckbuilding games with the release of supplements for AscensionDominion, and Thunderstone, plus some totally new deckbuilding games. Of those, the one that’s the most unique is no doubt Quarriors, WizKids’ dicebuilding game.

The Game

In Quarriors you’re given an initial set of dice that contains two main elements. Most of the die faces show quiddity (yeah, the game is full of stupid names), which is your currency for purchasing additional dice. Some instead show creatures.

On your turn you roll six of your dice, spend some of quiddity on summoning creatures (that you also rolled) and the rest on purchasing no more than one new die (which is typically either a spell die, which influences creatures, or a creature die).

Your creatures then attack all existing creatures, after which they sit in wait. If they manage to survive until your next turn, you score points for them. Otherwise, it’s back to the drawing bag.
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