A Deckbuilding Look at Tanto Cuore

Deckbuilding game Tanto Cuore was first brought to market in 2009 … but only in Japan. It wasn’t widely available in the United States until this year, which has resulted in an unusual combination: a brand-new (to us) deckbuilding game that still feels very much like a one-and-a-halfth generation release, meaning that it’s very beholden to Dominion.

The Game

If the name Tanto Cuore doesn’t ring a bell, saying that it’s that-game-about-maids probably will. In particular Tanto Cuore is about animesque maids, some of whom are naughty and some of whom are nice (though to my surprise, there are only a couple of panty shots amidst all the cards, the designers apparently having shown great restraint when depicting the anime genre).

The mechanics are very (very) similar to Dominion. Each turn you draw a hand of cards. Some cards are love (money), valued 1-3, and some are actions. You can play one action card, then use your money to make one buy. Individuals cards can give you more money, more buys, more actions, or additional card draws.
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