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One of the cool things about (finally) having all of my board game articles on my own web site is that I get to see all the search terms that people use to reach the site. To date my #8 all-time search term, and the one that’s least covered by what’s actually on the site, is “lords of waterdeep meeples”.

As a result I’ve taken a  bit of time today to list out the coolest meeples I’ve found for Lords of Waterdeep. I don’t have any relationship with any of these people, and I can’t say anything about their trustworthiness nor the quality of their meeples. But, what they have looks cool. The pictures are drawn from their individual sites. Click on the images to see larger pictures and click on the blue names to go to the artist’s web site.

Danny Perello, Wooden Meeples.  Perello has produced wooden meeples that are closely in tune with what you’d expect from a eurogame. They’re very small — similar in size to the original cubes — but they’re nicely cut and evocative. He calls them DnDeeples. I’d be tempted to use them for other purposes (like miniatures in my RPGs!), because they speak so well to the D&D iconography.

Lords of Waterdeep: Wooden MeeplesPerello has been selling these DnDeeples for over a year, so they  probably have the best history of any of the cool meeples I found. They’re also the cheapest, currently selling for $30. Alternatively, acrylic versions of Perello’s meeples can be found at The Broken Token.

For a more boring set of wooden meeples, you can check out MeepleSource.com. They’re a tiny bit cheaper ($25), but they’re just normal meeples in the standard colors. I’d suggest Perello’s instead.

Tabitha Woodard, Clay Meeples. This is what appears to be the other main style of Lords of Waterdeep meeples: comical little clay meeples. Though clay manufacture of this sort isn’t standard for eurogames, they’re really cute, and they were the ones I almost bought, before I decided I wouldn’t play enough Lords of Waterdeep to make it worth pimping out the game.

Lords of Waterdeep: Clay MeeplesThese meeples’ biggest downside is that they’re about 2.5 times the cost of the wooden meeples (currently $75 versus a current price of $30 for the wooden meeples). The artist also has a set of all five faction agents to go with these meeples, available for another $35.

Snapdragon Games, Deluxe Clay Figures. Here’s one more set of clay figures, this one described as “deluxe”. This one is a rather jawdropping $175 for the full set, but that includes the faction figures, and has already been updated for the just announced Scoundrels of Skullport expansion.

Lords of Waterdeep Deluxe Clay MeeplesThe clay figure sets both came from Etsy, which is a great source for things of this sort. I suggest you check out both of the artists’ sites generally, for lots of gaming stuff: Epicycle Designs and Snapdragon Games.

And that’s a look at the best Lords of Waterdeep meeples that I’ve found. If you came to this site searching for meeples, hopefully that’ll satisfy your needs. If you like board games generally, I invite you to go to the main page of Mechanics & Meeples and subscribe to see biweekly discussions on gaming design.

If you’re an artist and you’ve got Lords of Waterdeep miniatures of your own that you’re producing, please feel free to mention them in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Lords of Waterdeep Meeples

  1. Gotta admit, the clay ones are super cute, but even if I didn’t own the DnDeeples I wouldn’t buy them. The clay ones just don’t seem fitting for a game in which the “meeples” are resources. If they were staying on the board and moving around it might make sense, but instead they are constantly being moved back and forth from your hand to the stock.

  2. I do think, Aaron, that’s why both Snap and I have Faction meeps as well.

    Also, Shannon, just wanted to say thanks for the link! I certainly love making AND playing with these little guys. It’s a bonus when others find and like them as well!

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