Greatest Hits

Following the initial run of the Gone Gaming group blog from 2005-2007, the remaining members of the blog moved over to news site BoardGameNews to contribute columns and reviews starting in January 2008. This was the first of my gaming articles for BGN, which was a reminder of who I was and a listing of some of my top articles to that date.
—SA, 3/14/15

Hello to Boardgame News! I’ve been writing about board and card games for a few years now, over at Gone Gaming, with those articles all soon to be available on BGN itself. However, since there are doubtless people here who haven’t seen the GG articles, I thought I’d use this first entry of 2008 to introduce myself and my work.

First, about myself. I’m a writer and a computer programmer. Professionally I run the Skotos Online Game site as well as entertainment site RPGnet. Game design has always been one of my interests. I have a long running column about computer game design, and when I started writing board & card game reviews, game design and analysis were my focuses there too. Not surprisingly, game design has been a focus in my Gone Gaming articles, but you’ll also find reviews, rants, and looks at the industry.

What follows are three of my favorite articles (or series) from the last two hand a half years.
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