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Wiz-War Expansion Cards

This week I’m going to do something I haven’t done before. I’m publishing an expansion for an existing game, Tom Jolly’s Wiz-War.

As I’ve written elsewhere Wiz-War was a much beloved game of my ‘tweens. I suspect it was the most played board game for my group throughout the later ’90s. As we played it more and more we also developed a rule: we added one new card every time we played a game. This was made possible thanks to Chessex putting out blank card packs.

So I offer you up all the bonus cards from my set, with no (or rather, few) comments on whether they’re good or bad. I’ll also offer the caveat that if you’re going to add cards, you should put in more numbers too, to keep things balanced. Just follow the normal distribution from the base game. We also put in duplicates of some of the more common spells (which I hopefully didn’t copy any of below). Continue reading

The Gone Gaming Anniversary Tour

The Anniversary Tour in BerkeleyAs I wrote in “About Mechanics & Meeples” — the introduction to this blog — these articles ran for two and a half years at “Gone Gaming”, a group blog that I initially shared with seven other talented board game writers (and many more than that over time).

August of 2006 marked the first anniversary of the blog, and so we decided to engage in a bit of silliness. We imagined an “Anniversary Tour”, where we’d all visit the home towns of all the members of the blog. Each of us wrote a blog set in our home town. To go with them, I photoshopped together a bunch of photographs that people had given me to make it look (to an intentionally fake degree) that we’d actually visited these locales.

It was fun and it helped us to not only spotlight the members of the group blog, but also our impressions of those other members.

My contribution ran on August 3, and it wouldn’t make any sense without the context of the original blog, so I’ve opted not to reprint it here. However, I invite you to go read about the entire Anniversary Trip. If you like some of other bloggers featured there, I also encourage you to read the rest of the Gone Gaming group blog, which has lots more articles than just mine. —SA, 8/9/12